At ARSIM, we take pride in facilitating the complex support functions, so that the companies can concentrate on their core business. Our main forte is Surplus Asset Management and its optimization across the organization. Our core activities include:

  1. Identifying the redundant stock
  2. Synchronizing the left-overs at multiple sites (if any)
  3. Preliminary valuation and appraisal
  4. Cataloguing
  5. Optimum disposal through biddings, auctions or negotiations

Our cross continental network helps in better recovery of the assets.

We work, as an extension arm of organization and our 1500+ users network of end users become the captive market. These end users are spread over UAE, Oman, India and Pakistan. Be it fleet, machinery, building material or scrap, we optimize the supply chain for the most efficient recovery.

Not one can do all; we focus on our competence and sublet not-so-core services like logistics, warehousing and insurance.

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